MENS SUPPORT VEST - Stoma Hernia Support V Neck Vest - Lvl 1

Level 1 Hernia Support - For All Types of Abdominal Hernia's & Stomas Suitable For: Abdominal Hernia's, Post Surgery & Stomas - Great for Hernia Prevention & Light Hernia & Stoma Support. Medical Grade Material - Ships in 4-6 Days.
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  • VEST - Stoma Hernia Support V Neck Vest - Mens  SIDE
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  • VEST - Stoma Hernia Support V Neck Vest - Mens


Stoma Hernia Support V Neck Vest - Mens Level 1 Light Support

The V neck vest is slightly lower neck and arms than the round neck vest but otherwise offers all the same benefits. Mens’ support vest offers great all round support. It is designed to overcome many common difficulties faced by living with a stoma or post surgical wounds. Offering soft, gentle support, and is comfortable enough to be worn all day, every day without restricting the flow of a stoma.The concept of a support vest for medical conditions like ostomies or post surgery is a brand new revelation, the first of its kind. At last you can experience soft gentle support around your mid torso region and stoma site incorporated into a practical stylish vest, without it looking medical. Ideal for supporting any stoma site but especially helpful for multiple stomas, hernias or high sited stomas which are difficult to support with underwear. Also excellent for supporting post abdominal surgical sites and dressings.

The mens’ vest is stylish and sporty making it ideal for the gym or just under everyday clothing” With seamless construction and breathable fabric it’s perfect to wear all day every day. All in one support and shape. Available in black or white.

check-box-resized.png Feel Comfortable 

  • Gives Support Where Needed
  • Virtually Seamless & No Tags
  • Designed To Reduce Rolling
  • Two Directional Stretching
  • Breathable, Keeps Skin Cool & Dry

check-box-resized.png More Confidence

  • Gives A Smoother Body Shape
  • Stoma Bag Is Less Visible
  • Reduces Stoma Bag Bloating
  • Non-Medical Stylish Design

check-box-resized.png Medically Proven

  • Prevents Parastomal Hernia
  • Relieves Hernia Pain & Symptoms
  • Government Approved Supplier
  • Ideal for Stoma & Hernia Patients

check-box-resized.png Better Security

  • Improves Bag Adherence
  • Reduces The Risk Of Leaks
  • Reduces Bag Movement
  • Support When Sleeping

check-box-resized.png Highest Quality

  • Medical & Sports Manufacturer
  • Award winning Products
  • Superior Polyamide Fabric
  • Very Durable & Washer Safe

 check-box-resized.png Family Run Business

  • Sister & Brother Team
  • Brother A Fellow Stoma & Hernia Sufferer
  • Sister A Nurse & Palliative Carer 
  • We Understand & Care About You

Size Guide

Size Comparison Australia / UK Europe US Waist In Inches Waist In cm
S / M
 8/10/12   35/38   6/8/10  28-32″ 71 - 81cm
M / L
 14/16/18   36/38/40   12/14/16  34-38″ 86-96cm
L / XL
 20/22/24   42/44/46   18/20/22  40-44″ 102-112cm
XL / 2XL
 26/28/30   54/56/58   24/26/28  46-50″ 117-127cm


Due to the nature of the fabric and its two way stretch there is a degree of overlap between sizes. Also take into account your personal preference as to how tightly fitted you like to wear your garments.


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